February 25, 2021

Head in the clouds!


Cake Smash! Saturday 20th of February

We have done a hot air balloon theme a few times, but there was just something absolutely magical about this set up.

The funny thing was, I remember sitting there gluing a hot air balloon, chatting away, and answering messages when I turned around to see Tash had already set things up! She was on such a roll and knew exactly how to create the vision she had. She was definitely in a creative flow state for this one.

The sky backdrop had been hiding in storage when Tash found it the day before, this sparked the idea to put the stuffing we had used as snow from our Christmas mini sessions last year as a bed of clouds! Tash used the Cricut to create the little hot air balloons. The little yellow plane just had to go in there. We have a few props like that just waiting for the perfect theme to be used! This background really came together quite beautifully.

Not the mention… how delicious does the cake look?! 2 Chefs and a Cupcake created the most wonderful cake to match.

Let us know what you think! 

Chantell x